Things making me happy this week | 83

After-school smoothies (and football) with Dad.

Taking the kids for hot chocolate and donuts last weekend.

Glow Yoga last Friday night.

Slow evening, even though they don’t happen very often.

Emma’s creativity. She spent the entire weekend making Halloween decorations out of her art supplies, and they’re pretty legit!

Wrapping up October’s creative team projects…just in time for November’s releases next week, ha!

Rebranding my pocket pages e-course from HELLO LIFE XO to Pocket Pages With Pizazz because WTF does “hello life xo” even mean?

Being *thisclose* to wrapping up the initial release of content for Pocket Pages With Pizazz, yay! Sign up for my email list to find out when it goes live (next week-ish), and to score a sweet freebie!

Trying something totally new with Project Life®.

Letting the kids stay up late Saturday night to watch Hocus Pocus.

The grocery store restocking my fave ice cream, which is was out of FOREVER.

The way Madden excitedly shouts for Brian (the produce guy at our grocery store) whenever we walk into the store, even if he hasn’t spotted him yet. He’ll just yell “BRIAN! WHERE IS BRIAN? I NEED BRIAN!” It’s the best.

A kid-free weekend this weekend! We won’t have ANY in December, so really looking forward to these last few.

Buying a new theme for this blog. Right now I’m planning to take the blog offline over the weekend while I give it a facelift and turn it into a website that has a blog v. just a blog. I’ll update all my blog feeds once I’ve done that so it shouldn’t affect you if you read these posts via Bloglovin’ or Feedly. Also, NOTHING about the content of my blog will change. At all. Still gonna blog about whatever I want, whenever I want. Still won’t have sponsored posts or sales-y crap. Just giving myself a fancy little landing page where I can park my course (and any future ones), and a soon-to-come gallery, where I’ll have all my memory keeping projects organized for your viewing pleasure (and my OCD pleasure). That’s all! Anyway, this weekend is the plan, but who knows. I may not get around to it, since I’ll also be working hard to wrap up my course’s content before Tuesday!

What’s making YOU happy this week?

Switching things up with Project Life®

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy around here. There’s all the drama with broken shit (a broken hard drive, a broken tooth, a broken toilet, a broken bank account, a broken blog, a broken Dropbox, a broken phone…), and there are all my creative team projects, which are all due in the next…

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Weekend hangs | 01

I don’t know if these types of posts will become an every week kind of thing, but I know I’ll do one more than just once or ten times, so they’re getting numbered from the jump. Anyway. Here are a bunch* (*some) of photos from this past weekend. It was the first weekend that really felt…

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A visual guide to Project Life®

I’m over on Caylee’s blog today, answering some questions about Project Life® – with only photos (fun! (but also challenging!)). Check out the post, and poke around Caylee’s blog. It’s on the best corners on the internet! // PS: I was over on Kellie’s blog on Monday, but this blog wasn’t back up yet so I wasn’t able…

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Ticonderoga Farm 2016

Last year I chaperoned Emma’s kindergarten’s class field trip to Ticonderoga Farm and it was so rad that we’ve been back on our own twice since. Once last year after the class field trip, which really just RJ and his roomie/my friend from way back, Heather (H-er), and then again this year, but will allllll…

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Things making me happy this week | 82

GETTING MY ENTIRE BLOG BACK, pictures and everything!! RJ’s “gym leader” shirt. RJ mowing our lawn just because. Saving a baby turtle from the middle of the road on the way to the pumpkin patch on Sunday. The pumpkin patch. Playing tetherball against Bri at the pumpkin patch. The Redskins beating the Eagles and sitting…

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Technical difficulties

So, uh, oops. I accidentally deleted my blog this morning (long story (not really)). I was able to restore it (with some* (*a lot) of help from Dreamhost) BUT all of the cosmetic changes I spent the last however many years making were all lost, which is why, if you’re reading this before I fix it…

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The strangest day

Yesterday was weird, you guys. Really weird. First, I spent the entire morning at the dentist after one of my teeth randomly crumbled out of my mouth the day before. Like, wut? What even is that? IDK. I ended up having to fork over about $500 for that disaster, which is my share of the cost…

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