I ♥ &pizza | a memory keeping layout

I’d hoped to share some photos from Puerto Rico today but nope. I took way more than I thought (200 in a single day…and we were there for five days), so it’s basically impossible for me to choose which ones to share. I may end up posting many of them here, because I don’t have plans to make a separate mini book for the trip or anything. IDK. We’ll see. Anyway. Instead, today I’m sharing a project I made for Studio Calico last month.

My love for &pizza is no secret and, nope, it knows no bounds. HA! I made this spread using the September “Lost River” documenter kit from Studio Calico. Not my fave kit, but I made it work somehow!

There’ll be a more in-depth process post on the Studio Calico blog next week (the 26th, I believe), so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, some photos of the project!

mcevoy-lostriver-blog-6 mcevoy-lostriver-blog-5 img_6297 img_6299 img_6301 img_6302 img_6303

I felt a little silly making an entire spread about our fave pizza place but COME ON! It’s the best pizza ever, plus I can’t get over the colors in the photos. And the kit came with a couple rad ampersand paper clips so like, HOW COULD I NOT?! Anyway. Happy Friday!

PS: Registration for my memory keeping e-course and masterclass is now open! Head over here to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at: kelsey@hellolifexo.com!


So apparently #FirstSevenJobs was (is) a trending hashtag? IDK. But I thought I’d jump in on it, even if I am late because, you know, personal blogging is basically akin to putting binoculars over your life and inviting people to come take a look. So. In keeping with tradition, I share with you all my first…

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Things making me happy this week | 78

Launching pre-registration for my memory keeping e-course and masterclass, HELLO LIFE XO! If you know someone (or are that someone) who is brand new to memory keeping, or completely stuck and frustrated and overwhelmed with your memory keeping practice that just isn’t working, please check out my course! Wayyyy more details here. **A couple points…

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BIG NEWS! My memory keeping e-course is open for registration!

Heyyyyyyouuuuuuguyyyysss… HELLO LIFE XO, my new memory keeping e-course, is now open for pre-registration! This is something I’ve been working on – on and off – for the past two years and I’m really, really excited that it’s finally happening! There are two course options: the e-course only and a masterclass version. The e-course only option…

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We’re off to Puerto Rico!

We’re off to Puerto Rico for the next six days to, if the recent string of #storyofmylife moments continue, contract Zika. Because why wouldn’t also that happen to me? HA! Anyway. Expect radio silence over here all week, and less posting once we’re back since I’ll be shifting gears and putting in hardcore work on my modern…

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Project Life® 2016: Week 35

Back with another weekly layout (for last week), since my five-day weekend last weekend gave me plenty of time to get projects done before we leave the country on Monday. WOOHOO! Anyway. Week 35. The week Emma started first grade. The week Emma turned six (!). The week we re-affirmed Thursday as Library and Breakfast…

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Things making me happy this week | 77

Having a five-day weekend last weekend, even if most of that time was spent recouping after being sick-ish. Dropping by yoga on Friday and Sunday, even though my normal yoga buddy was out of town. I WAS AN ADULT ALL BY MYSELF! Knocking out three memory keeping projects in ONE DAY over the long weekend. Getting…

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Project Life® 2016: Week 34

Skipping a week because I just can’t get it to work, and I’ve learned the hard way to not worry too much about any given single week and keep the project moving forward, or else I forever fall behind. Also, not sure what’s going on with the weird focus in some of these photos. #sorrynotsorry…

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