Things making me happy this week | 71

Figuring out that I’m not dying after all.

Fixing the issue I had with my blog’s feed on Bloglovin’. If you read my blog via Bloglovin’, you should be seeing posts as I post them. If you’re not, please let me know.

Fixing the issue I had with my blog’s feed on Feedly. If you’re not seeing updated posts, trying deleting my blog from your reader and then re-adding it. That seems to be doing the trick!

Finally finding the new book “The Girls” (at Costco (for under $10!)).

Seeing Gen. Sullivan on Monday. He dropped by the office for a few minutes, and we caught up a bit.

Sending my dad the cheesiest/best birthday card.

Hanging with Tassha and Shannon all weekend.

Watching Katrin Davidsdóttir win the CrossFit Games’ female title for the second year in a row, and watching Mat Fraser DOMINATE and win the mens title.

CrossFit visual branding. It was so on point this year. The colors were SO GOOD! Royal blue, aqua/mint, yellow, citron, dark grey and white. Basically the colors of my life. This photo captures the colors of the Games this year perfectly. It has become my single-image mood board for life. (This photo shows the blue tones too.)

Getting my first stash of goodies from Citrus Twist Kits in the mail on Monday.

Sharing a step-by-step process post over on the Studio Calico blog yesterday. I’ve never before documented my process when creating a project, so this was an interesting experience.

And, finally, my mom and her hubby are coming into town THIS WEEKEND! They’ll be here for almost two weeks, and I get to work from home/not work at all most of that time. Yay!

What’s making YOU happy this week?

The diagnosis

Earlier today I spent roughly four hours in the ER waiting to find out if I was dying. I am not. WHEW. But if I hadn’t gone in, I might’ve. I mean, not to be hyperbolic or anything… Last night around 5:30 pm I was hanging out in the bathrooms at the pool, waiting for Emma…

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Project Life 2016: Week 28

I think I’m *officially* back on track with Project Life this year…but let’s pretend I didn’t say that so I don’t jinx myself! Okay. Week 28…which turned out to be one of my favorite weeks ever, from a design/visual/aesthetic standpoint. This week started with me waking up completely sick – fever, chills, puking, etc. I…

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A weekend without kids

For only the second time since April, we had a kid-free weekend this past weekend! We’re supposed to have them every other weekend, but RJ’s work schedule hasn’t allowed for that for months. BLAH. The last time we had a kid-free weekend was Shannon’s birthday weekend (a month ago), and before that? April. So yeah. We were…

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#BeforeIVoteForTrump: Curated Tweets

The first half of my workday yesterday was consumed with scrolling through the #BeforeIVoteForTrump hashtag on Twitter. GOLD, PEOPLE. PURE GOLD. Maybe you haven’t scrolled through the hashtag because you don’t have Twitter, or because you didn’t know it existed or because unlike yours truly you don’t get in trouble for being on social media…

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