Rethinking my December Daily® (holiday) album

I mentioned yesterday that I’m not doing December Daily® how you’re “supposed” to do it, but I guess I should elaborate a little more because I’m the only one who knows exactly what I mean by that. What I mean is: my holiday album is exactly that and only that. A holiday album. I’m including only holiday-related stuff in it. Why? Because my Type A brain just cannot reconcile doing a holiday-related project and including non-holiday-related things in it. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

To me, a mini album/mini book is reserved for a project highlighting something that’s special or unique in some way, or something that deserves hyper-focus for whatever reason. To me, the fact that whatever is inside of a mini album/mini book is, well, inside of a mini album/mini book signifies this on its own.

So. Day-to-day life is still being documented in my regular weekly 9×12 Project Life® album, and the holiday stuff is going in…the holiday album, which is, shocker, a mini album (6×8).

I feel like I’m one of maybe two people on the planet who approach this project this way?

Anyway, this year I decided that in addition to only holiday stuff going in this mini album, I’d keep everything “in order”…but that’s proving to be impossible because I’m also super Type A about things matching and looking good, and so far, things aren’t happening in an order that “looks good” in my album. Life is hard, I know.

To me, memory keeping is not just about getting the story down. It might be for you, and that’s okay. But that is not what it’s about for me. For me, memory keeping is about getting the story down and about making pretty shit, too. That’s why it matters to me that things look good.

Yesterday I was excited to finally have the chance to photograph the rest of my album after work, but when I got home and set my album up to photograph it I realized that I didn’t really have much to photograph. I guess part of that is because we’re barely a week into December and so not much holiday-y shit has happened yet, and I should just be patient. But part of it is because I feel stuck on this project. I find 6×8 page protectors to be virtually impossible to work with. I find the 6×8 size in general to be…not a good fit for me in practice, even though I love it in theory. #frustrating

I don’t really know where I’m going with all of this, except to say that I’m completely rethinking my approach to my holiday album. I absolutely will still keep it full of only holiday-related photos and stories, but I think I’m going to play around with the order of the memories I include, and I think I’ll be using mostly full-page photos. Well, full-height, most likely. I don’t know if every page will be 6×8, but I think *most* pages will be 8″ tall. I like the idea of having layers, so some will be shorter than 8″, and some will be narrower that 6″, but for the most part, I think I’m going to full height photos.

I don’t know. I guess we’ll see where I’m at in another week-ish.

My December Daily® (holiday) album so far

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