Things making me happy this week | 95

Not being on any 2017 creative teams.

Good – like, really good – workouts.

When the library has the books I want to read.

Making mucho progress on a handful of short essays for my memoir/collection of personal essays.

Finally deciding on a cut/style for my hair. Been debating cutting it for years, literally, and’ve finally found someone I trust (thanks, H-er!) and a cut I like.

Starting 2017 with only two debts left! They’re huge (my car and student loans), but there are only two!

Starting a fun little collab that I can’t say anything more about rn. Sorry! I’ll fill you in soon, okay?!

Three-day weekends followed by a three-day workweek followed by another three-day weekend.

When Emma says “yepper doo” in a cheery voice almost every time I ask her to do something she knows she shouldn’t be reminded to do, like hang up her coat or put her folder and lunchbox on the counter.

When Madden colors himself to sleep using an art kit H-er got him for Christmas, the art journal I got him for Christmas and two flickering battery-operated candle things (the kind you put in the window) after I tuck him in for the night.

Living so close to D.C. I really love this city.

Weekend morning family breakfasts made from scratch and with fresh fruit.

Making some progress – in my head at least – with giving this blog a little organizational facelift, and moving my memory keeping e-course to its own self-hosted platform.

Daily phone calls with my bestie from high school who’s a world away but not really because we talk literally every day, usually at least three times a day.

Being *thisclose* to done with our 2016 taxes. Just need one more document and then I can file!

What’s making YOU happy this week?

Overheard | 17

RJ: What do you want to learn about? Emma: Food. RJ: What kind of food? Emma: French fries. RJ: Okay. Do you know what French fries are made from? Emma: Yep. Eggs. + Giving Emma a compliment – which I try to do when I get the feeling she thinks she’s being overshadowed by her…

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No creative team gigs for me in 2017

In 2016 I was on three creative teams: Ali Edwards, One Little Bird and Studio Calico. In 2017 I am on none. At the end of 2015 and the start of 2016 I was thrilled when I found out I made each of the three teams I applied to, but by the end of 2016…

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Things making me happy this week | 94

Watching Obama’s Farewell last night while FaceTime-ing with my BFF. We’ve either been together in-person or on the phone/Skype/FaceTime with each other for every single major political-historical moment of the last 15+ years, beginning with 9/11. Starting my memoir, which is really going to be a collection of short personal essays, but “memoir” is shorter…

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To those with 2017 health + fitness goals

I know the vast majority of you guys aren’t into CrossFit/fitness, and that’s okay. But it’s the start of a new year and a lot of people make some sort of fitness-related goal at the new year so I want to share a new workout program with you guys in case you’re one of those “a…

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2017 master to do list

Like my internet buddy Paul Jarvis says: “I’m not one to have goals. I’d rather just work the processes I have.” I tried the formal goals thing last year, but nope. Not a fan. Huge bust. Never again. This year I’m going back to how I usually approach shit and making a Master To Do…

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What time does your workday end?

I wrote a similar post – What time do you wakeup? – a few months ago, which people really loved. I loved it too. It’s a great snapshot of what our lives look like right now. A more verbally detailed version of Day In The Life®, if you will. People have been asking for a follow-up post…

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Project Life® 2016: Weeks 51 & 52

I’m 100% finished with 2016 Project Life®, and we’re not even a full week into the new year. GO ME! (ha!) I actually finished this layout up on new years day, in between bouts of sickliness. BLAH. I’m finally starting to feel better. Definitely not at 100% yet, but getting there. ANYWAY. Here are the…

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