101 in 1001

I like lists. I like goals. So why not a giant list of a bunch of goals?


It’s called “101 in 1001”. I’m pretty late to the game on this one so I’m betting you already know what “101 in 1001” is. But if you’re more behind the times than me here’s a little background: 101 in 1001 is a unique, task-oriented approach to successful goal setting. You can read all about it here.

Start Date: 5 May 2012
End Date: 31 Jan 2015

Italicized and highlighted tasks are in progress. Strikethrough tasks are completed. Linked tasks link to a post relating to the task.

**Updated as of: March 18, 2013**


1.   Save 6 months’ worth of living expenses
2.   Pay off the Hybrid
3.   Save $10 for every task I complete
4.   Start a retirement savings fund
5.   Pay off my credit cards
6. Collect 1000 box tops in 1 school year
7.   Open a college savings account for each kiddo & contribute $500 a year to each
8.   Invest in the stock market


9.   Complete the 200 sit-ups challenge
10. Run a half marathon
11. Compete in an extreme mud race event (Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, etc.)
12. Complete the Bataan Memorial Death March
13. Go a month without eating out
14. Run at least 3 miles in the rain
15. Try CrossFit (<— for the record, one does not simply “try” CrossFit | 28 Jan 2013)
16. Complete P90X2 (<— probably not gonna happen now that I’m obsessed with CF | 28 Jan 2013)
17. Score 300 on at least 1 post-Madden PT test
18. Run 5 5K’s with RJ
19. Complete the 100 pushups challenge
20. Visit the dentist
21. Floss daily for an entire month


22. Attend the symphony
23. Take Briseis to the ballet
24. Visit Ground Zero
25. Read 26 books I’ve never read starting with each letter of the alphabet (1/26, G – 2/26, L)
26. Take Emma to the zoo


27. Have my teeth whitened
28. Get a massage once a week, every week, for a month
29. Re-stock my underwear drawer
30. Sleeve my left arm
31. Buy a DSLR camera
32. Learn to use my DSLR camera
33. Make a list of 100 things I like about myself
34. Make a list of 100 of my accomplishments in life
35. Take a hot yoga class
36. Have my eyebrows professionally shaped
37. Play hooky from work 1 day every quarter and spend it doing whatever I feel like doing
38. Be professionally fitted for a bra
39. Buy a bra that fits properly
40. Learn the right colors for my face and how to properly apply them
41. Invest in a quality set of makeup and applicators
42. Buy a real, high-quality down comforter


43. Participate in Operation Beautiful every day for a month
44. Leave a 100% tip on a bill
45. Send a care package to a Soldier
46. Buy flowers for a stranger
47. Volunteer 50 hours of my time — 10/50
48. Donate kids’ books/toys/clothes
49. Donate blood regularly for 6 months 6 consecutive donation cycles — 3/6
50. Donate $10 to charity for every task not completed


51. Make pottery with Briseis
52. Write a letter to each of my kids to open on their 16th birthday
53. Take the kids to Disneyworld
54. Get a tattoo for my 2 youngest kids
55. Visit California — all 5 of us
56. Have family portraits taken. Real ones. By a professional photographer.
57. Take the girls to ride a horse
58. Get a replacement SS card for Briseis


59. Watch the sunrise from the roof with RJ
60. Go to a comedy show with RJ
61. Go on vacation, just RJ and me
62. Have a hometown weekend getaway with RJ
63. Have Sunday brunch with RJ, complete with champagne


64. Design a favicon
65. Learn more than just the basics in PSE
66. Be featured as a guest writer somewhere in the blogosphere
67. Give my blog a cohesive color scheme + design makeover and stick with it


68. Stand in Times Square
69. Go Geocaching
70. See the Grand Canyon
71. Visit a land-locked state
72. See a movie at the drive in
73. Get my passport
74. Use my passport…to travel
75. Ride in a hot air balloon
76. Become CPR certified
77. Learn to drive a stick shift
78. Grow my own vegetables
79. Stay off FB for 24 hours once a month for 6 consecutive months — 6/6
80. Buy a Simple Human trashcan for the kitchen


81. Make a digital ICE book
82. Organize & archive photos
83. Buy a fire proof safe
84. Organize/archive important documents
85. Compile all friends/family addresses
86. Start AND finish at least 1 Project Life album (follow along here)
87. Organize & archive home videos
88. Backup home videos on DVD
89. Digitize all product manuals


90. End apartment living
91. Graduate College
92. Find a job that utilizes my skills and pays me more than I make now
93. Change Emma’s last name
94. Get my Real Estate license
95. Get my Personal Trainer Certification
96. Draft a will
97. Buy a Mac
98. Design myself a home office space
99. Learn to knit
100. Learn French
101. It’s a secret