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Kelsey. 29. 30 (eww). Mother of 3. Washington, D.C.-ish. ESTJ.
I say “fuck” a lot. Like, a lot a lot.
And I like to workout.

Obsessive picture taker + memory maker.
Hashtag + emoji enthusiast.
Blood, bone marrow + stem cell donor.
Pickiest eater ever. EVAR.
Former Army Reservist (8+ years).

President, chair(wo)man and CEO of: The Itty Bitty Titty Committee and #TeamCourtneyKilledKurt.

Yes please: Working out, cuss words, taking photos, a good book, fresh fruit + flowers, summer, color, NPR, cupcakes, pink.

No way: Nutella, coffee, musicals, Taylor Swift + Beyoncé, vacuuming the stairs, ironing, people, math.

I blog about being broke-ish on my personal finance blog, moneyIRL.

I teach a class called POCKET PAGES WITH PIZZAZZ™. It’s an on-demand e-course that will help you discover and develop their own pocket page memory keeping aesthetic and rhythm. Learn more here.

Twice a month I send out one tip, technique or tutorial created to help you become a better picture taker + memory maker. Sign up here.

I’m currently writing my first book, a collection of short personal essays detailing my decade of debauchery.

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View my full creative resume.