Summer Bucket List | 2012

[heading]Summer Bucket List | 2012:[/heading]

You may or may not have seen this idea floating around the Internet lately, or maybe it’s one you’ve already had without relying on a little pinspiration, but it’s one that is [somewhat] new to our family. Meaning, we’ve always come up with things we’d like to do over the summer but we’ve never written them all down in one place and kept track of how many tasks we actually accomplished. But this year that’s exactly what we’re doing.


Does it make sense now? The whole “summer bucket list” thing, that is. Everyone knows what a “normal” bucket list is (it’s that list of stuff you want to do before you die), and a summer bucket list is similar. It’s all the crap you want to do together as a family before the summer is over. It doesn’t necessarily have to be stuff you’ve never done before (personally I think that’s a little too restricting when it comes to this). Maybe it’s just stuff you haven’t done in a while (because, let’s be honest, doing things together as an entire family can be pretty overwhelming — especially when 2 out of 5 are still in diapers).

Originally I wanted our list to have a predetermined number of “to-do’s” on it (I was aiming for 50 or 60), but our family’s situation is a little unique so we had to construct our summer bucket list to accommodate for this. My two youngest live with RJ and me, but my oldest lives with her daddy and only spends some of her time with us. In the summer we have her every other weekend (like usual) plus for two uninterrupted weeks. So you can see how setting the bar high in terms of a set number of tasks to complete in such a limited period of time has the potential to be frustrating and disappointing.

In the end I decided it was best to come up with a somewhat short list since our full family doesn’t get to spend time together every day, and because I didn’t want to feel pressured to check off every task on the list and be disappointed if 1) we weren’t able to do everything, or 2) Briseis wasn’t able to participate.

Also, we tried coming up with activities that we are able to do as a family. That is, activities that all 5 of us can particiapte in (or attend, at the very least). But since there is such a big age difference between Briseis and the two littles it wasn’t feasible to have every item on the list be a toddler/baby friendly one. And it’s really not fair to limit Briseis’s summer fun just because her siblings are so much younger than her. So we decided to add some things to the list that won’t be Emma or Madden friendly, but certainly will be Briseis friendly. Like items 7 and 9.

In no particular order, here’s our list:

  1. Go to the fair (this shouldn’t be too hard — we live less than a mile from/on the same road as the fairgrounds)
  2. Go to the zoo
  3. Have a water balloon fight
  4. Have a picnic
  5. Go to the beach
  6. Make our own popsicles
  7. Go ice skating
  8. Go bowling
  9. Play laser tag
  10. Attend an air show
  11. Watch a baseball game — in person
  12. Make a splash at the water park
  13. Play a round of mini golf
  14. Spend a day in the city
  15. Make our own pottery
  16. Have a cookout
  17. Go indoor trampolining
  18. Spend an entire afternoon playing outside at Burke Lake Park
  19. Fly kites with the kids
  20. Feed the ducks at the pond near our house

It might not seem like much compared to some of the other summer bucket lists out there, but for us it’s plenty.

Be sure to check back for updates as we complete each task. Who knows? We might even end up adding new activities! And yes, I do plan on completing a Project Life album for the summer, complete with memories and keepsakes from our Summer Bucket List!